No Harm Done

El Fani’s double combat, against Islamists and against her cancer, is the basis for this personal story about freedom of expression and the artistic, creative and political struggles of an exiled citizen.

“Those who live are those who fight…” Victor Hugo

No Harm Done tells the story of the struggle waged by director, El Fani, on two fronts: one is an ongoing battle with Islamic fundamentalists that intensified after her previous film, Secularism, Inch’ Allah, in which she professed her atheism; the other fight is her bout with cancer.  Facing hateful reactions to her film, death threats, surgery and chemotherapy, El Fani creates a compelling metaphor for religious extremism as disease. In her films, she does not speak out against religion, only against people who would make religion a tool of social control, akin to a new collective dictator. No Harm Done is a film about the struggle for a secular state, freedom of speech, simply put, for freedom.



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