Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls

Against the backdrop of a violent, repressive regime, five young Burmese women come together to form Burma’s first girl band.  These are The Tiger Girls!

“…an uplifting look at Girl Power against all the odds…”

Burma has been under military control since 1962.  In September 2010, the Burmese people, brutalized by a violent, repressive regime, turn cynical eyes towards yet another bogus election.   Against this backdrop an ambitious Australian artist, Miss Nikki, brings five young Burmese women together to form Burma’s first girl band.  These are The Tiger Girls:  Wai Hnin is tone deaf and prone to panic attacks, Htike Htike can’t dance, Ah Moon is an over-achieving control freak and everyone thinks Kimmy is ugly – even if she does have the best voice. The last band member Cha, struggles with her controlling father, a military captain.   As the military’s power slips, radical changes are sweeping over Burma; the Tiger Girls’ fight for self-expression and freedom becomes lyrical metaphor for a whole nation’s struggle to be heard.


MISS NIKKI AND THE TIGER GIRLS is an insightful and entertaining story of Burma’s first girl band. The five young girls, led by their Australian mentor Miss Nikki, face all the challenges of a music career, including hardheaded music entrepreneurs, picking the right image, and overcoming stage fright. They also have to contend with the massive changes sweeping their homeland, as the reigns of the military regime are loosened. Is their girl power tough enough to break through age-old cultural traditions, and what will they lose along the way?


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