Impact Cinema comes to Durban with TCFF 2015


The Tri Continental Film Festival team is excited to be coming to Durban in October with selection of nine powerful social impact documentaries. Each film has been selected because it not only represents the best of the craft of documentary but because it speaks to the urgent issues facing South Africans in the here and now.

The festival takes place across three venues in Durban, the KZN Society of Arts in Glenwood, Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre in KwaMashu and at Chatsworth Youth Centre.


 The festival opens at the KZN Society of Arts with The Yes Men Are Revolting on Wednesday 21st October. Climate change is of global concern but this continent suffers disproportionately, causing food scarcity displacement and war. With the Paris international climate talks around the corner and 2015 now officially the hottest year since records began, expect to see activists from local climate justice organisations talking to the audience about what ordinary people can do to exert pressure on government to fight Africa’s corner at the global talks.

 With the recent and ongoing scandals and investigations that have hit the world football federation, local film The March of The White Elephants, is a timely portrait of FIFA as a modern day parasite that prowls the globe, pockets billions and leaves host countries with a legacy of empty stadiums and social distress. Most of the film takes place in Brazil, but features commentary from Durbanites, Ashwin Desai and Patrick Bond.

South African filmmaker, Maanda Ntsandeni, Director of Parole Camp, will be joining us for Q&A following screenings of his film at Chatsworth Youth Centre and at Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre. Parole Camp follows several young offenders as they take part in a grueling 21-day programme to get them off drugs and safely back into their communities. The film gives deep understanding of why youth turn to crime and highlights the kind of interventions needed to get them to face their demons and turn their lives around.

Oscar Award winning film CitizenFour, on whistleblower Edward Snowden, closes the festival on 24th October and is followed by a special panel discussion in partnership with the Right 2 Know Campaign on how bad state spying actually is in South Africa, what this means for personal and political freedom and what we can do about it.

For further information contact:

Nhlanhla Ndaba 083 374 5666

Anita Khanna 083 357 5904

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Durban Schedule

KZN Society of Arts
166 Bulwer Road Glenwood Durban Kwazulu Natal. 4001

Wednesday 21 October
7:00pm – The Yes Men Are Revolting

 Thursday 22 October
7:00pm – African Pride
8.30pm – The March of the White Elephants

Friday 23 October
7:00pm – Incorruptible
8.30pm – Democrats

Saturday 23 October
7:00pm – CitzenFour with Right2Know Campaign

Chatsworth Youth Centre
Joyhurst St, Durban, 4092

Friday 23 October
7:00pm – Parole Camp with Maanda Ntsandeni

Saturday 24 October
7:00pm – Dreamcatcher

Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre
Giya Road, Kwamashu, Ethekwini, 4359

Saturday 24 October
3:00pm – Parole Camp with Maanda Ntsandeni
5:00pm – The Shore Break

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