Since her teens, Brenda Myers-Powell worked as a prostitute. Addicted to drugs, she was forced to abandon her kids as her life spiraled into a nightmare. Now, 25 years on, every night Brenda drives around the dark streets of Chicago looking for working girls. When found, she offers them condoms as well as an opportunity to change their lives – just as she did.


From acclaimed vérité filmmaker and cinematographer, Kim Longinotto, comes Dreamcatcher, an intimate portrait of Brenda: survivor, pillar of strength, inspiration and mother to the hundreds of young women and girls who want to end the perpetual cycle of neglect, violence and exploitation.


Seeing those who stay in the shadows, and listening to the voices no one else wants to hear, Longinotto weaves a sensitive tapestry of love and understanding through Brenda’s unwavering and selfless care that contrasts against the hopelessness of a flawed system. Subtle and deeply moving, Dreamcatcher combines raw human experience with the elegant and simple realization that one person can make a difference.

Dreamcatcher Trailer 2014

English • 2015 • UK/USA• Duration: 97 mins

Director: Kim Longinotto