South Africa is hailed for its exemplary constitution, one that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. But the reality on the ground for the LGBTI community is a far cry from the protection offered within the Bill of Rights. Virtually unchallenged homophobia has found violent expression in rising levels of assaults, rapes and murders. The only coherent resistance to these attacks is coming from the townships of South Africa, where visible pride marches and protests take place regularly.



Each banner expresses the dissatisfaction of the lived realities of a marginalized community. How can the rule of law be used to discourage this brutal expression of homophobia? Is there political will to educate those who perpetrate these heinous crimes? African Pride tells the stories of those who bravely fight this battle for existence on a daily basis.


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African Pride Trailer 2014

English• 2014 • South Africa/Ireland • 59 mins

Director: Laura Fletcher