African Pride Documentary

African Pride


African Pride tells the stories of those who bravely fight the battle against brutal homophobia in South Africa on a daily basis.

Agora Documentary



Agora documents the development of the Greek financial crisis from its early stage, while tracing its impact on the lives of simple people from all social classes.

Citizen Four Documentary

Citizen Four


The documentary CitizenFour is a rare glimpse into the history of the US surveillance state being “unmade” by Edward Snowden and three journalists who he agreed to meet in Hong Kong.

Democrats Documentary



This documentary follows the two men who are tasked with a mammoth mission to consult Zimbabweans across the country about a new constitution under development.

Dreamcatcher Documentary



Dreamcatcher is  an intimate portrait of Brenda: survivor, pillar of strength, inspiration and mother to the hundreds of young women who want to end a perpetual cycle of neglect, violence and exploitation.

incorruptible documentary



Incorruptible documents an artist-led youth movement that erupted to protect one of Africa’s oldest and most stable democracies.

March of the White Elephants

March of the White Elephants


The March of the White Elephants debunks the conventional wisdom that staging a World Cup in compliance with the FIFA model delivers sustainable benefits to the population of the host country.

Parole Camp Documentary

Parole Camp


This film documents the Realistic Prisoner Reintegration Programme, as it sets out to teach parolees how strong they have to be to leave the attractions of a life of drugs and crime behind.

Red Lines Documentary

Red Lines


Red Lines offers a rare window into the Syrian conflict, taking us from the trenches to the halls of power worldwide and becoming, along the way, a searing exposé of an inhumane crisis.

Shore Break


The Shore Break documents how a local community fights back against the proposed titanium mining projects planned for the pristine Wild Coast of South Africa.

The Yes Men Are Revolting

The Yes Men are Revolting


The Yes Men have staged outrageous and hilarious hoaxes to draw international attention to corporate crimes against humanity and the environment.