Outreach screenings

Since the Tri-Continental Human Rights Film Festival began, TCFF Outreach screenings have taken place featuring the latest selection of films and those from our archive. These are non-profit (free) screenings for purposes of entertainment, debate, advocacy or furthering campaigns. Outreach screenings are organized by TCFF and partner organizations.


Partner organizations are made up of NGOs, community based organizations or collectives organized into a campaign. Universities, schools and colleges also partner the festival. Films cannot be given to individuals or used for screenings that charge for films to be seen.

In 2014, we aim to be doing a lot more outreach. We will be reaching out to current and potential partners and marketing outreach with more vigor. This is because the right film can support the work of a group or organization and because we intend to increase audiences for quality documentary film. These objectives cannot be achieved while the cost of attending a cinema excludes the majority of people in South Africa. Through outreach, we aim to take films to the people.

Changes to the way we do outreach

We currently support the work of many organizations by providing them with films for outreach. Up to now we have been doing this with no cost to organizations. From 2014, we will be doing the following:

  1. Nominal administration charge

Requesting that organizations pay a nominal administration charge. This will be waived for community-based organizations. The money will be used to cover transportation of films and equipment, upkeep of equipment and office costs. This way larger organizations will assist in subsidizing independent community screenings.

Admin Fee for Outreach

  • 1-2 films : R500
  • 3-6 films: R1000
  • 7-10 films: R1,500
  • Over 10 films: negotiable
  1. Post screening evaluation

Requesting that all outreach organizers complete an evaluation form post screening. This is so that we can collect data on audience numbers, the response to films and how films impacted on viewers and on the work of organizations. In short, we want to gather a body of data that illustrates the power of film.

Please click HERE to download the TCFF Outreach Screening Request Form 2014.
Please click HERE to download the 2014 Evaluation Form.

Categories of outreach films available