Forbidden Voices

Zeng Jinvan is under house arrest in China, Yoani Sánchez has been detained and beaten in Cuba, and Farnaz Seifi has had to flea her home in Iran – for disagreeing with their governments and blogging their opinions.

“My keyboard is now the only thing that helps me bear my sorrow and my indignation.”

Zeng Jinyan writes these words from her apartment in Beijing, China, where she is under house arrest by the state for speaking out against China’s socialist regime on her blog.  In Cuba, Yoani Sánchez is branded a counter-revolutionary and beaten by police for hers.  In Iran, cyber feminist Farnaz Seifi must flea for her life for her words.  And yet these fearless women, whose blogs attract millions of readers across the globe, are determined not to be silent in the face of repression.  They continue to shake the artifice of state propaganda and speak out against those that would try to monopolize ‘truth’.


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