The March of the White Elephants debunks the conventional wisdom that staging a World Cup in compliance with the FIFA model delivers sustainable benefits to the population of the host country. It reveals the real legacy of the FIFA World Cup – state of the art stadiums that were built to stage a four-week tournament will stand idle for decades to come, soaking up funds needed for health, housing and education.


Filmed primarily during the high energy protests against the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the story tracks a left-wing journalist who is upset about how his country has been abused. Through his eyes the film moves between the streets and the commentary of those close to the inner workings of the FIFA machine.


In short, the film shows how FIFA prowls the globe, pocketing billions and leaving host countries with a legacy of empty stadiums and social distress. South Africa is not left out. In 2010, we hosted the World Cup. March of the White Elephants takes us back to get direct testimony from South African social activists who make it clear that from their perspective FIFA is a modern day parasite abusing people’s love of the beautiful game.

March of the White Elephants Trailer 2015

Portuguese/English with English Subtitles • 2015 • Brazil/South Africa •52 mins

Director: Craig Tanner