Red Lines provides cinematic boots on the ground, offering a rare window into the Syrian conflict, taking us from the trenches to the halls of power worldwide and becoming, along the way, a searing exposé of an inhumane crisis.



The film follows two young Syrian activists who organize when no one else will. Razan, a wealthy socialite turned revolutionary, coordinates a smuggling network for bringing in humanitarian aid and journalists into Syria. Damascus born Mouaz works his contacts in the West, becoming the primary source for intel from the opposition on the ground.



While pleading their case abroad, the two navigate a minefield at home, facing agonizing decisions of who to aid and who to trust, all while hatching a Trojan plan to counter the extremists’ rise to power by creating one free, democratically run village and spreading from there. But when the Assad regime redoubles its attacks on civilians with tactical starvation, barrel bombs and even chemical warfare, hope for the entire region suffers crushing casualties.



Red Lines Trailer 2014

English/Arabic • 2014 • USA • 99 mins
Director: Andrea Kalin & Oliver Lukacs