Each year in South Africa’s Cape Flats region, more than 1,000 youths are released from prison on parole back into their communities. Many of these parolees are likely to find themselves back in jail within a matter of weeks – unable to reintegrate or to avoid being caught up in the vicious circle of gangs, drugs and crime.


Frustrated by the endless cycle of law breaking and incarceration, Solomon, a former prison warden, sets up the Realistic Prisoner Reintegration Programme, motivated by a desire to give parolees a second chance. Set in the rural seclusion of the Eastern Cape, Realistic sets out to teach parolees how strong they have to be to leave the attractions of a life of drugs and crime behind. The film puts forward a strong argument for restorative justice, not just for the parolees but for society as a whole.

Parole Camp Trailer 2014

English/Afrikaans • 2015 • 70 mins
Director: Maanda Ntsandeni