Boys Don’t Cry

Young filmmaker, Tebogo Pieterson, seeks to understand the deep impact of his grandfather’s absence – a man exiled to Sweden in the height of apartheid.

In 2010, Tebego Pieterson is moved to search for traces of his grandfather, a former anti-apartheid struggle hero who continues to live exiled in Sweden.  He finds an article from 1960 detailing his grandfather’s escape from South Africa during the height of apartheid.  From the article emerges a man determined to fight to the bitter end for justice and for his people, but the story is not all triumphant.  In his journey Tebogo discovers deep scars left by his grandfather’s absence – The son of an absent father himself, Tebogo begins to understand the recurring cycle of loss and absence that connects him to his grandfather, who was left by his own father, and forced to leave his son.

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