Bahrain: Forbidden Country

Inspired by the revolutionary wave that had swept over the Arab world, the people of Bahrain take their wrath against a repressive government to the streets. Stéphanie Lamorré enters Bahrain, a country forbidden to any journalist, and follows the people still risking everything for their freedom.

“We are suffering just like the people of Egypt are suffering; we have been living under fear for too long…” Zainab, Bahrain: The Forbidden City

Bahrain is an island located between Saudi Arabia and Iran that nobody talks about.  And there’s a reason for that…  Following the protest movements that began on the 14th of February 2011, the Bahraini government has maintained tight control over any information regarding abuses committed by police and security forces.  No journalists are allowed in Bahrain.  The crackdown has been ruthless and extremely violent.  But the Bahraini people stayed in the streets, inspired by the revolutionary wave that had swept over the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, before them.  One year after the events of 2011, journalist Stéphanie Lamorré entered Bahrain as a tourist.  She had to disappear in order to film what was going on… in order to capture the story of a people in resistance, risking everything for freedom.


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