Every year since its inception in 2002, the TriContinental Human Rights Film Festival has screened powerful films from South Africa and across the globe, exploring some of the most urgent local and global issues of our time.

With a passion to support the fight for human rights and democracy through media, the TCFF offers stories from the bleeding edge of current social and political waves – stories that are not only relevant to our time, but skillfully told through beautiful cinema.

TCFF is the only festival primarily dedicated to issues of Social, Political and Human Rights on the African continent.

We continue to work with Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Lawyers For Human Rights, the Legal Resources Centre, Greenpeace, Wits University and other organizations and institutions whose work finds itself at the heart of some urgent social and political causes.

We bring films that speak to these causes and they bring discussion that speaks to effects; through these partnerships, we provide audiences a unique platform for meaningful engagement, not just with fine cinema from around the world, but with the real events, worlds, characters and issues that make our world.


Our broader vision is to contribute to building a mass local audience for cinema that matters and to remain a credible platform for local and international stories from regions that are frequently marginalized in mainstream media and cinema spaces.

To this end, through national partnerships with universities and community organizations we bring communities to screenings as part of our in-reach strategy and screenings to communities as part of the outreach leg of the festival.


TCFF originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002 started by the Movement de Documentalistas. In 2003 the festival was brought to South Africa for the first time by a group of partnership organizations including: Uhuru Productions, Lawyers for Human Rights and SACOD (Forming THE HUMAN RIGHTS MEDIA TRUST)

In April 2004, in Prague, TCFF took part in the launch of the Human Rights Film Network (HRFN), a federation of film festivals that screen socio-political films, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Nights (Italy) and One World (Czech Republic).

To date, TCFF remains the only Africa-based film festival affiliated to this network. A large number of films screened during the festival came to us through the network and through calls for entry made on the festival website.